The Road to Becoming A Lawyer

Rachel Lader is a law student at New York Law School. Rachel Lader has worked as a legal intern at several law firms in New York to acquire skills and capabilities that will serve her in her future career.

The path to becoming a lawyer is not easy but it is fairly straightforward. These are the steps most people go through.

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree – At this level, no particular field of study is recommended but many aspiring lawyers choose to study criminal justice or a related field.

2. Pass the Law School Admissions Test – LSAT scores are important in qualifying for JD programs.

3. Earn a Juris Doctor degree – This is the most crucial step as it serves as a prerequisite to taking the bar exam.

4. Pass the bar exam and start your career – After passing the bar, the real work begins of advancing and developing a career as an attorney.

Published by Rachel Lader

Rachel Lader recently completed her Juris Doctor (JD) on a scholarship at New York Law School. While earning her degree, she participated in a study abroad program at Birkbeck, University of London. Complementing her education, Rachel Lader has worked in multiple internships in the legal sector.

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