Rachel Lader

New York Law School Graduate and Legal Intern Rachel Lader

Rachel Lader recently completed her Juris Doctor (JD) on a scholarship at New York Law School. While earning her degree, she participated in a study abroad program at Birkbeck, University of London. Complementing her education, Rachel Lader has worked in multiple internships in the legal sector. Currently, she is a legal intern at Hach & Rose, LLP, in New York City, where she helps prepare cases for trials and writes blog posts for the firm’s website.

Prior to her time at Hach & Rose, Ms. Lader worked as a legal intern for Presiding Justice Acosta in the First Judicial Department of the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court. She held this role for two months, during which time she observed court hearings and reviewed legal briefs. Rachel Lader also gained experience in an internship capacity at Tangent-EHR, where she focused on medical billing cases and worked on client files for the world’s largest radiology company. In addition, she interned at Mallilo & Grossman in consecutive summers while earning her undergraduate degree in political science.

Beyond her legal internship experience, Ms. Lader volunteered for William Thompson’s campaign to become Mayor of New York City. Her efforts in this regard involved serving on the Citizens Committee and organizing a fundraising event for prominent guests on Long Island. She has also volunteered with Best Buddies and Realizing the Dream, where she worked with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Martin King III, respectively.

With the latter organization, Rachel Lader directed its Anti-Bias Task Force Youth Division in Nassau County and was personally appointed by the families of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela to advocate for world peace. Beyond her work in the legal sector and with nonprofits, Ms. Lader enjoys following politics and current events, discovering new cities, and learning new recipes that she can share with her family.

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